Chrome is going to tell you which tab is playing that annoying audio

chromeHave you ever suddenly started to hear loud, annoying music/audio from your browser while browsing the internet and couldnt find which tab was doing that ? And you had to go through all your tabs and examine the pages to see which page was playing that annoying page music or audio ad in the middle of the night or at work ? Happens to any of us every now and then.

Well, now you can relax – Chrome is getting a feature which will tell users which is the tab that is popping that annoying audio. If, any of your tabs start playing audio, it will let you know which tab it is, by showing an animation in that tab, helping you to switch to the tab and do whatever”s necessary – turn it off or close the tab. It will also let you know if the tab starts to record audio – a very neat feature.

A Google Plus user has noticed the new feature as being available in Chromium recently. Chromium is the developer build of Chrome. This means that after google does its next iteration of Chrome by taking up latest Chromium builds, Chrome will also have the same feature.

All in all, this will be a very good feature for Chrome, for people who have to work with many tabs in public/office, or late at night.

If you are using Chromium, you can get the latest version with this feature at Chromium for Windows download page here. Otherwise you will need to wait until your Chrome updates itself automatically – Please note though, Chromium and Chrome are not same, and if you are using Chrome you shouldnt download Chromium and install it, and vice versa.

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