Logitech K360 Keyboard & Logitech Unifying Review

logitech k360Logitech K360 is one of the keyboards that uses Unifying system from Logitech. Unifying system is something quite nifty – it allows you to set up and use numerous keyboard, mouse or other devices through just one tiny usb receiver. Not only that, but more than one unifying receiver connected to more than one device in your home allows you to bind and operate different sets of input devices for different computers – without interference or mixups. So, in short, it is a nifty hub for all your logitech unifying input devices.

Among the unifying series, is K360. This is a keyboard that comes in different colors, from black background to white background, although the other features of the model remain the same.

First thing that would catch your eye, are the low-height keys that are spaced noticeably apart from each other, compared to many other keyboards. There is close to half a centimeter space in between each key. It is not just the distance in between the top points of the keys either – the keys are square shaped and the distance of the top and bottom of the keys from each other are the same. Basically, this is a keyboard which has keys widely spaced from each other.

This is a huge advantage for most of people – compared to most other keyboards, the chances of mistyping by accidentally triggering another key due to size of your fingers are very low. The keyboards seems to be designed for the size of average human hand for that purpose, and it fulfills that purpose very well.

In addition, keys are not clicky, or do not make any noticeable strong sound when you type. This makes the keyboard much more convenient to use, especially due to the reduced levels of silence this provides.

Dont be mistaken – despite it has wide spacing for its keys, it still has a numeric pad on its right side, and arrow keys located in the right location just like any other keyboards.

Yet still, when you see it, you will think that it is a small keyboard. And it is, compared to any other normal keyboard of the similar features.

On top of this, they managed to fit in a large enter key, large right shift key, large left control key and large backspace key perfectly well into this small size keyboard. The only difference you would notice from a regular keyboard is that insert, home, page up, page down, delete and end key group is in a different location, on top of the numpad. print screen, scroll lock and pause/break keys are incorporated into other keys through use of a function key which alternates those keys in between their normal use and the alternate usage. The keyboards sports 6 media keys for playback on top. Another noticeable difference is the size of function keys – the keys are smaller than normal keyboards.

A major plus is battery life. With 2 AA batteries, this thing just keeps going without needing you to change batteries – even with heavy usage. The tiny usb receiver also fits in very well with your computer or laptop, preserving the usb slots. The logitech unifiying usb receiver comes with the keyboard, so you can just plug it in and get going after you install Logitech Unifying software. The software is also quite good and does a good job of managing the input devices without much hassle, and even remembers which device is mapped to what receiver even if you pull the usb receiver out for a long time – it seems the receivers carry connection information as opposed to software – so when you take one Logitech Unifying receiver to another computer and plug it in, the receiver will remember which devices were bound to it and keep them working.

In addition, its very durable. The keys are designed in order not to leave any opening in between the chiclet circuit board which transmits keystrokes, and the outer environment – so if you spill something on the keyboard, what you spill just remains in the key houses, without spilling down into the keyboard – you can just pick the keys out, and dry the container they were holed in. Of course, if you go overboard, it is inevitable that the fluid will spill into the keyboard. But even in that case, the keyboard keeps working after cleaning and drying it out properly – from first hand experience.

In summary, this is a very good ergonomic and convenient keyboard for heavy and light portable or desktop usage, even when doing typing-intensive tasks like programming or writing. The keyboard also works very well while gaming, which is another plus. With long battery life, Logitech Unifying convenience, The price is in between $25-30 depending on where you buy it. A very good price for a very good keyboard.

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