LED Flash Notifications Case for iPhone 5

For some people, the LED notification is very important, but unfortunately the feature is not available on the iPhone device made by Apple. As we know, with the LED notification makes the user do not must check the phone to see if there is an incoming message, facebook notif, twitter notif, or a missed call, just see the LED light lit .

iPhone 5 LED Case

Sparx: iOS LED Flash Notifications Case for iPhone 5

But now for you the user or intend to buy iPhone 5, you can have notifications using the LED flash for a protective casing called Sparx. Sparx is an iPhone case that comes with LED notification at the top which made from transparent plastic. When the LED light is on, you will see throughout the transparent part will either turn too. Sparx is available in a choice of colors ranging from black, burnt, gray, blue, pink, green, yellow and kickstarter. You can buy this Sparx case for $35 in here.

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