iPhone 5 Jailbreak Becomes More Difficult

After reportedly that the jailbreak on iPhone devices declared legal, it makes the iPhone users flock try to jailbreak their iPhone devices. The users of the iPhone 5 is likely to be delighted to hear this news. One of the developer team showed a picture of her, if the Jailbreak iPhone 5 has been successfully. It is seen from the widget displays unusual when the notification bar down.

Jailbreak iPhone 5

iPhone 5 which has been successfully jailbroken

After the release of the iPhone 5, it seems the hackers will take a little time to be able to jailbreak their iPhone 5. Proven until now jailbreak for the iPhone 5 is not yet available to users of the iPhone 5. What is Apple deliberately makes the iPhone 5 becomes more difficult to Jailbreak?. At least momentarily iPhone 5 users will be able to jailbreak their new iPhone device.

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