iPad 5 will be released in March 2013 ?

A few days ago, Apple has announced the iPad 4th generation, today has been circulating rumors about the arrival of the 5th generation iPad next year. Many fans are predicting the presence of 5th generation iPad in 2013 because many rumors that has been circulating in cyberspace.

iPad 5

iPad 5th-generation  will be launched in March next year ?

iPad mini is designed very thin and even (Apple) said is thinner than a pencil. From there, pointed out that the iPad will come with a body 30% thinner than the current iPad. iPad 5 will also be using IGZO display screen from Sharp. Reportedly 5th-generation iPad will be launched in March next year, just six months from the launch of iPad 4th generation. As this time, the emergence of the iPad 4 makes all the fans of Apple products was surprised, too early for the (Apple) introduce the new iPad generation. The impact of this problem is the disappointment of the iPad 3 users who bought a few months ago, this was beyond expectations.

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