Internet Explorer 10 released for Windows 7

ie10Internet Explorer 10 was only available for windows 8 until today, however with Microsoft releasing IE 10 for Windows 7, IE users will be able to move up to IE 10 on Windows 7 machines too.

IE 10 brings various features like Windows API, support for touch interfaces and so on, however it will not have Flash embedded in itself with Windows 7, whereas it has it embedded with Windows 8. However this is of no consequence since it will use Flash through flash plugin like many other browsers.

If you are using IE still at this time and age as opposed to up and coming Chrome or famous Firefox, your Windows 7 will automatically get it and upgrade your IE to 10 as a silent update. Alternatively if you installed the beta version, you can update it through the browser itself.

You can read more details at Ars Technica

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