Google NEXUS 10 Tablet coming in 2013?

Google Nexus tablet there is only one version is 7 inches. If you want the Google Nexus is a 10-inch tablet, you have to be patient until next year. Because according to rumors Google Nexus 10 tablet will be promoted to the next month.

New Google Nexus 10

Google Nexus 10 Tablet is predicted to be present in 2013.

According Broooke Crothers of CNET, the project behind Nexus 10 is a bunch of people Samsung. So most likely NEXUS 10 will be produced by Samsung no longer ASUS. Some hardware specifications that will be used for NEXUS 10 screen resolution is 2560×1600, Exynos processor (ARM Cortex-A15). Do you wish NEXUS 10 really be true? what do you think?.

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