First Nano scale 3D printer is on sale

nanoprinterYou probably know about 3D printers, right ? The printers which can print complex, 3d shapes. They are already revolutionizing manufacturing, and enabling ordinary people like us to be able to actually create complex products in their homes. They are perfectly capable of printing out very tough, usable and working complex objects now, even including tools like hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches.

If you thought this was amazing, then you have a surprise coming your way – now, for the first time, 3D printers that can print in a nano scale size are available for sale – you can now print 3D structures that are the size of a single human hair !

This technology became available in austria last year, and now a company called Nanoscribe GMBH put these devices on sale for the first time. The company demonstrated the capabilities of the device by printing a very small 3d spaceship, as you can see in the below video.

While there may or may not be any real uses for people who may use this device out of their home, it is certain that this will bring nano revolution into people’s homes. That practical uses apart from novelty may be found for home use, remains to be seen. However it is certain that this technology will bring nano scale 3d printing and manufacturing to the masses.

Singularity Hub has more details on this spectacular device.

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