Amazon is teaming up with HTC to build smartphones

HTC is helping another company jump into smartphone market – this time Amazon. The device is going to use Kindle OS, as opposed to Android, because HTC is banned from forking Android as per the rules of

Malaysian fund managers move servers to Russia to avoid NSA spying

In line with the trend of taking measures against american spying exposed by Edward Snowden, Malaysian fund managing firm moved their servers to Russia to avoid spying by usa. The firm manages multibillion dollar portfolios, and firm

Nokia design guru says Apple should end cable chaos

Nokia’s ex design guru Frank Nuovo called on Apple to work with industry groups to end the mess it is contributing to by using differing connectors for its devices. Different connectors make life harder for mobile device

Have a D-Link Router ? You may be compromised

D-Links with firmware numbers DIR-100, DI-524, DI-524UP, DI-604S, DI-604UP, DI-604+, TM-G5240 were found to contain a backdoor which allowed easy access to any person supplying a certain url to access the router from outside. The security problem

MIT’s ‘kinect of future’ sees through walls

The ‘kinect of the future’ developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) uses radio signals to see through walls and predict the location and movements of someone with excellent precision. This goes far beyond what Microsoft’s Kinect

Apple is planning new $5 billion Headquarters

Apple must be looking for places to spend their heaps of cash, it seems, since they are planning a whopping new $5 bn worth headquarters. Apple’s motives seem to be creating a workspace which will foster ‘innovation’

Diaspora – a social network in which you make the rules

In case you havent heard until now, there is a big community project called Diaspora, which aims to decentralize social networking in order to make the users of a social network masters of their own contacts, data

African Inventor makes 3D Printer from used computer parts

Kodjo Afate Gnikou, an inventor in West Africa has succeeded in making a 3D printer by using used computer parts. He had to buy a few parts, however most of the equipment he used came from a

Google may now put your photo in their ads

The new terms of service google has been pushing to users technically allows the company to put your photo up in the advertisements they are running. Google Plus – google’s competitor to Facebook will not be launching

First Nano scale 3D printer is on sale

You probably know about 3D printers, right ? The printers which can print complex, 3d shapes. They are already revolutionizing manufacturing, and enabling ordinary people like us to be able to actually create complex products in their
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