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Truecrypt Development Stopped, Told to be Insecure, Community is Trying to Fork

TrueCryptIn case you were in a cave for the last few weeks, let us tell you that the development of TrueCrypt, the most widely used open source disk encryption software has recently ceased. In an abrupt announcement made from software’s official outlet, it was told that the development ceased on 5 May due to Microsoft dropping support of Windows XP. Also the a note saying that the software had vulnerabilities was dropped.

But don’t worry – the groups who were doing the security audit of TrueCrypt are now trying to fork the project, and patch the vulnerabilities. Minor vulnerabilities were discovered during the security audit.

You can read about the fork effort here

You can read about the original developer of TrueCrypt stopping development, here.

Internet of Things Going too far ? Or maybe it’s just Google Ads

google logoYou probably know about the “internet of things” – the idea of connecting everyday devices and more, to internet. This may or may not be a good idea – after all, who wants their refrigerator to be connected to internet, and for what reason.

However any reason you may have for connecting your refrigerator or home thermostat to internet may fade away when you learn that Google is intending to do push you Google ads on all of your internet-connected devices.

From your refrigerator to your coffee maker…

Of course, will it come the natural procedures of tracking your refrigerator, coffee maker, even home heating usage. Google will know when you are cold, Google will know when you wake up, Google will even know when you take a dump.

Too unrealistic ?

Well, it seems not.

For as WSJ reports, Google has already applied for a patent to push ads to people on ordinary devices.

Greenwald : NSA tampers with Routers made in USA

NSA tampers with routersWhistleblower Journalist Glen Greenwald has told that NSA was tampering with all the routers made in USA to install them backdoors to be used in surveillance and hacking.

He also explains that one of the reasons why US was so loud about the potential backdoors in routers and network devices made in China was that they didn’t want competition in surveillance and spying. Naturally, the more Chinese made routers are sold, the less US based routers would be sold, limiting the potential of surveillance by NSA.

Read more details on the revelation at The guardian


Amazon is teaming up with HTC to build smartphones

HTC is helping another company jump into smartphone market – this time Amazon. The device is going to use Kindle OS, as opposed to Android, because HTC is banned from forking Android as per the rules of Open Headset Alliance. Amazon”s products generally force its users to use Amazon services, so it is possible that would be the same with their smartphone. Which would put HTC head to head with Google. Google has pressured Acer to abandon such a partnership when they discovered that Acer was forking Android with Alibaba.casinos online

Read more here


Malaysian fund managers move servers to Russia to avoid NSA spying

In line with the trend of taking measures against american spying exposed by Edward Snowden, Malaysian fund managing firm moved their servers to Russia to avoid spying by usa. The firm manages multibillion dollar portfolios, and firm president Pascal Najadi says the move was based on logic than business interest.

“We’re setting a trend. We’re not into Internet business – we’re a consultancy firm, and we do not gain more business through having a .ru. Having said that, it shows our clients that we take confidentiality serious, and that is the message between the lines,”

While some businesses move their operations to Russia, a considerable number of businesses are moving their servers and hosting operations to Iceland. Iceland is considered safe due to its privacy commitments.

Read more here

apple logo

Nokia design guru says Apple should end cable chaos

Nokia’s ex design guru Frank Nuovo called on Apple to work with industry groups to end the mess it is contributing to by using differing connectors for its devices. Different connectors make life harder for mobile device users, forcing them to get different chargers, connection cables and the like for different devices. Which not only contributes to multiple chargers and cables getting piled up in homes, but also contributes greatly to the industrial waste.

EU is pushing for standardization in connectors, concerned about the waste the multitude of proprietary connectors are generating. Whereas some manufacturers like Apple are keeping different connectors in their devices with the intention of being able to sell their own chargers, connector cables to their customers to increase their profits. Industry experts advise Apple to adopt micro usb standard to join the trend.

Read more about the cable chaos here


Have a D-Link Router ? You may be compromised

D-Link Routers with firmware numbers DIR-100, DI-524, DI-524UP, DI-604S, DI-604UP, DI-604+, TM-G5240 were found to contain a backdoor which allowed easy access to any person supplying a certain url to access the router from outside. The security problem also affects Planex routers with firmware numbers BRL-04UR, BRL-04CW.

The problematic routers working across internet can easily be identified with online services like Shodan – therefore if you have any matching router firmware, you should update your router’s firmware as soon as possible to protect your communications. This kind of vulnerability exposes all kinds of activities you do on internet ranging from online banking to instant messaging to outside parties easily.

You can read more about the discovery of the backdoor here.

mit kinect

MIT’s ‘kinect of future’ sees through walls

The ‘kinect of the future’ developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) uses radio signals to see through walls and predict the location and movements of someone with excellent precision. This goes far beyond what Microsoft’s Kinect does – being able to track the movements of someone standing directly in front of it.

The system has many possible uses ranging from monitoring people for medical reasons to possibly being used for gaming purposes. However as of this time it is quite cumbersome – an entire desk top full of equipment, and antennas.

Read more here

apple logo

Apple is planning new $5 billion Headquarters

Apple must be looking for places to spend their heaps of cash, it seems, since they are planning a whopping new $5 bn worth headquarters.

Apple’s motives seem to be creating a workspace which will foster ‘innovation’ and ‘collaboration’ – two of the most widely used and abused terms in corporate jargon. However, the new design is also concentrating on sustainability seriously, as they hired arborists (tree experts in streetspeak), landscape designers to grow fruit and other trees in the site to integrate with the building – to the order of 7000 trees planned.

The city council is going to vote for approval of the building on 19 november, and if the vote is positive, construction will go ahead.

Read more details about the planned building and see its video here.


Diaspora – a social network in which you make the rules

In case you havent heard until now, there is a big community project called Diaspora, which aims to decentralize social networking in order to make the users of a social network masters of their own contacts, data and privacy.

The project succeeds at this by decentralizing the entire software that runs the social network, so that users can not only command their privacy settings, what they share, and who they share with, but also can take away their data and go elsewhere at anytime.

Diaspora also totally prevents any kind of censorship you may experience on other social networks like Facebook – or your pages being shut down, or getting banned. Which makes it a very good tool to circumvent censorship. It is not owned by anyone, controlled by anyone – it is totally federated, distributed and belongs to users.

It is extremely easy to register and get into, and you can even link your Facebook account to cross-post to both social networks at the same time. How Diaspora gets you started with contacts and pages to follow based on your interests is also truly astounding.

Give it a try here, in the german node of diaspora. While you are at it, find us at Diaspora here !

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